Lucas Thelen (2024-2027)


I am the current chair of GIS Colorado. I helped form the Advisory Council for GIS Colorado. I have been on the board previously for 9 years. I whole heartily believe in the mission of GIS Colorado and what the board and organization are doing. I look forward to helping this organization now and in the future. I try to be a level head and try to understand where people are coming from. I am a Senior Support Engineer at IQGeo. I have a B.A. in Geography from the University of Denver and a M.S. in Spatial Information Science and Engineering from the University of Maine. If chosen I will work hard to unify the board. I want to increase training and attendance at our quarterly meetings.

Peter Horgan (2022-2025)


Peter has been in the geospatial field for 5+ years focusing primarily on its application in land conservation and environmental management. He currently works for the Outdoor Alliance as the GIS Advocacy Manager. When not making maps, you can find him recording interviews for his podcast or tied into a rope climbing at one of the local cliffs around Boulder.

Genie Hays

Genie Hays (2023-2026)

Treasurer, National Geodetic Society Rocky Mt. Rep

Genie has 15 years experience as an imagery, mapping, web mapping, and database management specialist with enthusiasm for sharing knowledge. She has been a GIS Colorado member since 2005 and served on the GIS Colorado board since 2010.

Catherine Hoemke

Catherine Hoemke (Board Member 2020-2022, 2023-2026)

Website Coordinator 2021
Co-Chair 2022
Secretary 2023, 2024

Catherine has worked at the Colorado-based GIS company Argis Solutions, Inc., since 2016. Her experience ranges from visual design, user experience design, marketing, sales and operations. Cat enjoys the community GIS Colorado fosters and has enjoyed her time on the board working as a communications coordinator, webmaster and most recently secretary.  

Blaine Horner (2024-2025)

Member at Large

Blaine Horner began his career as a field surveyor for remote sensing projects; surveying to provide control for imagery and lidar projects from both satellite and manned aircraft. This work took him around the world and when he moved into the office he had completed survey projects in 24 countries. Blaine spent time as a Vice President of Data Services at a well-funded drone startup where he managed data processing and deliverables for all manner of different drone projects. One example was an audit of Duke Energy’s Indiana distribution network asset inventory, which required capturing information of over 276,000 distribution structures. Blaine currently manages a team of electrical distribution engineers in San Antonio who work primarily for CPS Energy, and also drives Merrick’s overall Transmission and Distribution business development and strategy. 

London Walker

London Walker (2024-2027)

Member at Large

I am a GIS Developer at the State of Colorado’s Governor’s Office of Information Technology. I have been in the GIS field my whole career and have gained an appreciation for the power of GIS.

Jenni Kerns (2024-2027)

Member at Large

I am an environmental planner for a transportation infrastructure engineering firm in Denver where I get to incorporate GIS processes to support sustainable transportation development. Outside of work you can find me on a bike or playing GeoGuessr. 

Eli Crawley (2023-2026)

Member at Large, Website Coordinator

I have been in the GIS field for over 10 year in a variety of roles from GPS data collection to data and imagery analysis, database management and front-end application customization. I’m currently working as GIS Analyst for Argis Solutions, Inc focusing on local government solutions. When I’m not working I am out exploring the trails around Colorado and beyond.

Bryan Frazier (2024-2025)
Member at Large

I am a Professional Land Surveyor working for Denver Water. I have been in the geospatial industry for over 15 years. My primary background is in geodetic control as I got my start in survey, collecting ground control survey points all across the US and some international trips. My passion for maps extends beyond my professional work as I am an avid outdoorsman and love to spend my time exploring new trails in remote mountain landscapes.