GIS Colorado has recently made the decision to rename the scholarship program in honor of the late Pete Magee to the Dr. Pete Magee Memorial Scholarship. Pete Magee, a distinguished individual in the GIS community, sadly passed away in May 2023, leaving behind a profound impact on the field. When Pete moved to the San Luis Valley in 1990 to begin his career by teaching at Adams State University, he brought his remarkable intellect, his cheerful wit and his dedication to a community that embraced him as “one of their own.” His friendship was cherished by many as he gave tirelessly to his community.

He served as a professor at Adams State, developing a course teaching Geographic Information Systems (GIS) that served as the basis for his long career in that field. He served as a consultant, then coordinator and executive director of the SLV GIS/GPS Authority, as a Board Member of the Rio Grande Headwaters Land Trust, 16 years on the Alamosa Planning Commission, Founding Board member and treasurer for Society Hall, Emergency manager for Alamosa County culminating in a Governor’s award for excellence. As President and owner of Integrated Land Services where he provided unparalleled service as a geospatial data provider and also managed the SLV GIS/GPS Authority, he worked tirelessly on the E911 system for the 6 counties in the San Luis Valley and he served as a Board Member and President of GIS Colorado, sharing his wisdom and expertise that he learned “the hard way.”

Beyond his technical expertise, Pete was a remarkable leader within the GIS community. He served as a mentor, guiding and inspiring numerous aspiring professionals in the field. His guidance, support, and willingness to share his experiences nurtured talent and promoted growth within the GIS community. Renaming the scholarship is an opportunity to celebrate Pete’s leadership and emphasize the importance of mentorship in the GIS field.

By renaming the scholarship program in Pete’s honor, GIS Colorado seeks to perpetuate his vision and values within the GIS community. Pete was known for his commitment to innovation, collaboration, and the advancement of GIS technology. Through this name change, GIS Colorado aims to inspire future generations of GIS professionals to embody these principles and continue Pete’s legacy of excellence.

Above all, the renaming of the scholarship program serves as a heartfelt tribute to Pete’s memory and the lasting impact he had on the GIS community. It serves as a reminder of his contributions, achievements, and the positive influence he had on the lives of those who had the privilege to know him. By renaming the scholarship, GIS Colorado ensures that Pete’s memory will continue to inspire and motivate future GIS professionals.

The decision to change the name of the scholarship program in honor of Pete reflects GIS Colorado’s deep respect for his contributions, leadership, vision, and commitment to education. This act of recognition and remembrance ensures that Pete’s legacy lives on and serves as an inspiration to future generations of GIS professionals. The scholarship will continue to support students and promote excellence in the GIS field while carrying the name of a true industry champion—Pete Magee.