Board Members

Learn more about the governing body which stewards the GIS Colorado organization. 

Strategic Plan

What is the big overall strategic plan for the organization? Find out more about where GIS Colorado is going in the future.


Learn more about the GIS Colorado’s bylaws.  and how they guide the organization.

GIS Colorado Board of 

Board members make it possible for GIS Colorado to continue to enrich professionals and so much more. 

Voting Board Members

2022 Officers:

• Genie Hays (2020-2023) Chair,
  National Geodetic Society RM Rep

Catherine Hoemke (2020-2023)
  Vice-Chair, Communications

David “Barney” Barnett (2022 to 2025)

Melissa Crocker (2022 to 2025) 

Scott Ytzen
(2020 to 2023, finishing D. Killpack’s term) 

Lindsey Danforth
(2021 to 2024 finishing S. Rollins’s term) 


Nickolas Viau (2021-2024)
Training Coordinator

Anna Riling (2021-2024)
Mapping Contest Coordinator, Social Media

Peter Horgan (2022 to 2025) 

Adjunct Board Members

Deborah Wilson
Rich Chamberlain
Pete Magee
Darcee Killpack

Scholarship Committee
Rachel Pierstorff, Co-Chair
Melissa Daniels, Co-Chair

The GIS Colorado Board

GIS Colorado is a non-profit organization which provides geospatial professionals with a collaborative environment for the support and exchange of GIS information, resources, and technology. 

GIS experts and educators will keep their skills up-to-date by participating in training, educational events, and networking opportunities around the state of the Colorado and beyond. Our user-based offerings and resources cover specific technologies professionals need to know in order to progress in their careers, including support of GIS Professional certification. 

Over 80% of funding is reinvested into the community as scholarships, low-cost training, and free events. Become a member to invest in your own career as well as the up-and coming GIS community of the future. Sponsor GIS Colorado as an organization and increase your reach into the Colorado GIS professional community. Join the GISCO Board and guide how we serve the community with other like-minded individuals.  Join us and make GIS Colorado your geospatial connection.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is an activity used to set priorities and focus energy and resources for an organization. The effort produces fundamental decisions and actions that shape and guide what an organization is, who it serves, what it does, and why it does it, with a focus on the future. Effective strategic planning articulates not only where an organization is going and the actions needed to make progress, but also how it will know if it is successful. The result of the effort is a strategic plan used to communicate the organizations goals, the actions needed to achieve those goals and all of the other critical elements developed during the planning exercise.

The GIS Colorado Board developed a strategic plan in 2021 to document the vision, mission, and goals of the organization. The Plan also includes key objectives to accomplish the goals. Each year the GIS Colorado Board reviews the Plan and develops concrete actions that moves GIS Colorado toward our goals and objectives.

GIS Colorado Bylaws

The GIS Colorado organization is guided and governed by its bylaws.  All in coming and returning board members must read, understand and follow the bylaws to be in good standing.