2023 Board Announcement

GIS Colorado is pleased to announce your new 2023 Officers and board members:

Voting Board Members

2023 Officers
•   Luke Kaim Thelen, Chair, (2023-2024 finishing N. Viau’s term)
•   Peter Horgan, (2022 to 2025),  Co Chair, Events
   David (Barney) Barnett, (2022 to 2025) Treasurer
•   Stefanie (Stef) Von Flue, Secretary (2023-2025 finishing for M Crocker’s term) 

•   Lindsey Danforth, (2021 to 2024 finishing S. Rollins’s term) Website 
 Anna Riling, (2021-2024Mapping Contest Coordinator
 Genie Hays, (2023-2026) National Geodetic Society RM Rep
•   Catherine Hoemke, (2023-2026) Website and Communcations
•   Nicole Pepper, (2023-2026) Social Media 

Committee Chairs 
Scholarship Committee – 
Rachel Pierstorff, Chair
Training Committee – Nickolas Viau, Co-Chair

The board wishes to recognize the contibutions of our outgoing board members, Scott Ytzen, Melissa Crocker and Nick Viau and thank you for your time and dedication. We are happy to welcome Nicole Peppers and Stefanie Von Flue to the board starting this year and welcoming back Luke Kaim Thelen to the board. Nick Viau has stepped back as an active board member but will be continuing to volunteer for GISCO as the Training committee co-chair. Thank you again for your investment in GIS Colorado.