This page is for casting your vote for the 2022 GISCO Mapping Contest. The vote tally will decide the winner of the Peoples’ Choice Award! 

Voting is limited to GIS Colorado 2022 Mapping Contest contestants, Elevations Geospatial Summit attendees, presenters, vendors, and sponsors!

Polls will close on May 12, 2022 at 4 pm.

Please vote only once. 

Please view the submissions on the Entries page first. The voting form only has thumbnail images of each submission. The button below will open the Entries page in a separate tab, which you can have open for reference while completing the ballot.

If you have questions or issues submitting your vote, please email

Please keep these criteria in mind while voting:

Content – Is the map informative, with reliable sources, and an appropriate use of grammar and spelling? Does it effectively target the intended audience?
Design/layout – For the Maps and Artistic Categories: Is the map well balanced, with a logical arrangement of elements? For the Apps Category: Is the map easy to use, with an effective use of interactive tools, and intuitive user interactions? Are pop-ups configured appropriately? Is the map compatible with its intended platform or device?
– Is the content understandable, with a logical visual hierarchy and a clear message? Are fonts, text size, and labels configured in a way that is legible?
– Is there an effective use of symbology, geometry, labels, and color?
– Is the map innovative, either in its subject matter or its application of visual graphics? Is the presentation unique?