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Three (3) positions will be filled for 2022. 
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David Barnett 

Geospatial Technologist & Professional Geologist
Bristlecone-Geo LLC
Grand Junction, CO

Geospatial analyst, certified professional geologist, and licensed UAS Pilot with 30+ years of applied project experience within geoscience, mineral exploration, information technologies, geographic information science, recreational trails and open space parks. First established in 2001, my freelance business moniker Bristlecone-Geo provides geospatial, geoscience, and geodesign services to clients throughout Colorado, Utah and beyond. Specialties include surface terrain and subsurface modeling, geologic characterization and mapping, mineral assessment reports, illustration and map figures, GPS inventory surveys, conceptual geodesign visualizations, recreational maps and wayfinding kiosks. Located on the western slope, these experiences can provide a broad knowledge spectrum, as well as spatial diversity, to the organization’s board of directors.

Cailey Bechtol

Geospatial Technician II
Ayres Associates
Fort Collins, CO

I work in remote sensing at Ayres Associates in Fort Collins, CO. My passion for learning and advancement in the geospatial world has allowed me to become the first aerial mapping employee in Ayres’ western division. Since I began my career at Ayres, I have been tasked with technical LiDAR and orthoimage production, business development, project management and coordination, emergency response UAS flights, collecting survey, and SUE (subsurface utility engineering) work. Before my career at Ayres, I worked in a stable isotope geochemistry laboratory and performed geotechnical materials testing. My diverse background gives me perspective on how different communities in the environmental world can complement each other and bridge a gap between industries to be more effective in work that benefits one another. This desire to communicate and connect has driven me to join GIS, geospatial, and UAS communities in Colorado. I find that these communities are one of the best ways to learn and stay current with developments in the industry. My diverse background can also bring a fresh perspective to GIS Colorado. A goal of mine is to support and promote GISCO and encourage different generations and related environmental fields to understand the immense benefits that GIS can provide. This industry has become a career that I put my entire belief and support into, and I hope to share this passion to help grow the GIS community in Colorado.

Melissa Crocker

GIS Analyst
City of Golden
Golden, CO

I am the GIS Analyst for the City of Golden with whom I have been employed for eight years. My main goal is to leverage new technologies to help communicate complex information to our citizens and staff. This led me to getting my masters in cartography and GIS specializing in web development last year. I also spend as much time as I can supporting others to expand their GIS knowledge. Whether training staff or sharing my experience as a UAV pilot at conferences and career fairs, I am always trying to share the benefits that GIS has brought me. To this end, I was pleased to have an article about my experience working for local government published in the APWA Reporter in 2020. I have been a member of GISCO since before I started at Golden and have enjoyed both the comradery and depth of knowledge the community has to offer. I would like to give back to the organization by serving as a board member and assisting in continuing the work that everyone has done to make it such a rich resource for GIS minded people in Colorado and beyond. I believe my range of skills and experience coupled with my dedication will serve the board well in the years to come.

Lindsey Danforth

GIS Database Admin
City of Greeley
Netherland, CO

Lindsey Danforth has over ten years of experience as a GIS python developer, ESRI Enterprise deployment expert, and is an ESRI Enterprise Administration Certified Professional ( link). She has served the GIS community in the past as Co-Chair and Chair of the Ohio Geographically Referenced Information Program (OGRIP) and was the workshop coordinator for the Ohio Chapter of URISA. Lindsey is also currently an elected member of the Board of Trustees for the Town of Nederland, CO. She is passionate about giving back to her community and looks forward to helping achieve the goals of the GIS Colorado.

Peter Horgan

Stewardship Manager
Crested Butte Land Trust
Gunnison, CO

While enrolled in the Master of Environmental Management program at Western Colorado University, I enrolled in an introductory GIS course, knowing that this was going to be an important skill to have working in the environmental field. Before that class, I was unaware how much of an impact GIS can have as a tool for telling stories, collecting information, and conveying statistics in a compelling and visual way. The GIS course left a lasting impression on me. Since then, I have been able to utilize those skills in my position working in land conservation with the Crested Butte Land Trust (CBLT). GIS has helped play a role in my position to visualize and communicate information both internally to other staff and board members and externally to the general public. The courses that I have taken in the GIS certificate program at University of Denver have also greatly advanced my knowledge and understanding of GIS applications and workflows. I aspire to take this fundamental knowledge and experience and apply it in a larger capacity to help advance the mission and goals of GIS Colorado. I believe I will bring strong leadership to the board and be able to demonstrate a high level of initiative to continue to grow the organization’s efforts to educate, communicate and engage GISCO members and non-members alike. My professional experiences range from leading collaborative projects as the Stewardship Manager with CBLT to creating my own podcast, and much in between. These examples of leadership and initiative will prove to bring a wide-ranging, creative perspective to the GISCO Board of Directors. I am extremely passionate about GIS and its capabilities to communicate and inspire. I look forward to the potential opportunity to contribute my experience and perspective to GIS Colorado’s Board of Directors. Thank you for your consideration.

Rachel Pierstorff

GIS Specialist
Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG)
Denver, CO

My name is Rachel Pierstorff, which may (hopefully) sound a little familiar, as I’ve been co-chair of the GISCO Scholarship Committee for 2 years now. Beyond that, I was a recipient of two GISCO Scholarships myself before graduating college four years ago – so I’m a big fan of the work that GISCO does! Since receiving those scholarships and graduating college, I’ve worked as a GIS Analyst and Specialist for both private and public organizations. I’m currently a GIS Specialist at DRCOG, where I develop region-wide datasets, create public-facing StoryMaps and applications, and write Python scripts for development automation. As a board member for GIS Colorado, I hope to both learn more about and contribute to the organization’s work beyond the scholarships. My organizational skills will come in handy for helping plan quarterly meetings, of which I have attended several and always enjoy. I hope my perspective as a young professional will help the organization better connect with the emerging generation of GIS professionals. I look forward to facilitating collaboration and connection among the GIS community in Colorado, through the listserv, training, and in-person meetings.

Scott Ytzen

GIS Analyst
Tetra Tech
Colorado Springs, CO

Scott is a GIS Analyst employed by Tetra Tech for over 9 years in the Colorado Springs. His project positions include deputy and junior project manager, field team lead, GIS and technical field lead, and field team member. Scott’s project experience with Tetra Tech includes utility and asset management, industrial control systems, spill prevention, control, and countermeasure plans; invasive species plans, area/installation development plans, natural resources plans, noise and underground water contour mapping and GPS Surveying. He was previously employed by Sanborn Mapping. Scott is a 25 year United States Air Force Veteran as civil engineering technician. His duties included a variety of technical, supervisory and leadership roles at both the installation and command levels. Inspected and managed approximately $2 billion in Military Construction, host nation, environmental, and operation and maintenance projects, quality assurance for service contracts, and updated and maintained record and project drawings. Specific technical duties included verification and compliance with project drawings, specifications, construction standards, and statements of work, data collection, surveying, CAD and drafting. Scott holds an Associate of Science in Construction Technology from the Community College of the Air Force and a GIS Certificate from Pikes Peak Community College.

I think my experience from the private sector and federal government is needed on the GIS Colorado Board. I like keeping up with technology, continuing to learn and sharing my knowledge with others. My involvement on other organization boards or executive committees will be helpful. I look forward to assisting GIS Colorado anyway I can.